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Suju world~

Name: Sandra :D

Baby Leo

Birthday: 23 July :D

I LOVE SUJU!!,SHINee and CNBlue :D Atually all k-pop ^^

I Love my friends and family :D


Cheong Jia Qi :DD

Dorothy Teo :DD

Xaiver Sim :DD

Wan Jie Che :DD

Helen Tran :DD

Nur Afifiah :DD

Debbie Soon :DD

Jovonne Chua -fellow CNBlue fan ! :DD





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Get SUJU,SHINee and CNBlue album

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Get good results . at least in top 10 for midyear

Get good results for finals .

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Outing wif jiaqi , wan ting and xaiver :DD
Late post >< went out with JiaQi and Wan ting to Bugis . Walked around than went to take neoprints . Twt keep looking wrong place ! hahs >< she's so facinated by neoprints right now :x than went for lunch . Travelled to Tiong and asked Xaiver to join us aft his CCA . Watched The Legend Og The Guardian . Regetted it ....boring , but th animation was good though ^^ went home and missed my music bank ! ugh...nvm :DD Had a fun day with friends .

These few days no outing...so boring at home . Went for regular guitar lessons today and delivered th guide cookies to them . I wanna go out ! Its really boring at home ! Call me ok ?!! Tuesday jiaqi and I will be going to Dottie's house ! YAY !! Finaly going out ! than Thursdayb off to library wif twt and then Friday outing wif Macus , jiaqi , twt and xaiver :D
Byes now ! I <3 Key :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010 , 2:42 AM

HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO ~!!! Just finished final paper today ! WOOOOHOOOOO !!! Science yesterday was easy . Math today.....haiz okok only . Hope i will get good scores for English ! hahs >< today is donghae's Birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
I wanna go out ! Can somebody just like call me right now ? i wanna go out NOW . bored at hommmmeeeee~ anyways , i heard that key and jonghyun is hurt ! Omg , please rest well and recover soon !
Not much to type now off to play ! annyeong !

Thursday, October 14, 2010 , 10:45 PM

So happy my results :D Got highest in class for literature :D 19/20 ^^ Thanks WeiLing for comment . I know that too . Had Guides ytd and did gadget making . got punished for not making it well . than went home wif TWT and senior . on bus tok bout some stuff . gtg now byes !

Saturday, August 28, 2010 , 3:23 AM
Hey all ! I'm back :DD Hahs >< Scored well for common tests ^^ Did tags today and had a way long day....almost slept during chinese test . I checked through and didn't even understand wat i wrote . LOL . So corrected th whole thing . Later going to do maths ^^ haiz so bored at home . i wanna go out ! but i dunno who with . if wan text me kay ! Saw Sheryl today and yesterday on bus :DD See you soon my dear !

I feel you drifting away ,
Drifting with the gentle wind ,
Will there be a way ,
To change things ,
Go back in time ,
I do hope so ,
More than i can say ,
If you want to ignore me ,
Just tell me ,
I hear it ,
Dissapearing with it....

-By Sandra :D

I dun noe what you guys think of that though . I just wanted to write or type something out to vent my anger . Thats all i haf to say for now....Bye peeps !

Thursday, August 26, 2010 , 4:23 AM
Birthday :D
Hey all ! Long time no post . Today was a great day ! Excluding th first 2 lessons where unexpected things happened . Hmm lets see , Fifah gave me a present . It was th first ! Thanks Fifah ! aft assembly was the best ! During assembly we watched like some performances for racial harmony . then , bryan tapped me on th shoulder asking if it was my birthday today i said yes like duh .... but of course he dun know . LOL >< Hahs . Than Angelyn asked me to walk slower . Idk why but i was very tired so i walked utterly slowly . When i reached th class and stepped in , Angelyn screamed my name and my class started to sing a birthday song to me :D Than it ended with shouts >< Hahs . So happy . Thanks for th gesture 103 ! It made my day ^^ than Acrie , JQ , LWL , Seri went for lunch with me . Acrie wished me happy birthday too . I was wondering how she knew and she said my class sang so loud that she could hear from upstairs >< LOL ! COOL ! :D Than had Guides . Had drills . Wah muscle ache here ! Wednesday had drills than yesterday NAPHA than today drills again . Ache ache and MORE ache . But was fun in Guides :D Oh yeah ! Didnt say wat was in th gift that Fifah gave me-SUPER JUNIOR KEYCHAIN !!! OMG like so happy ! wheee ~! Than went home celebrated wif family . Ate cake-GREEN TEA :D Read Dad's email from ShangHai .
Thanks to all th people that wished me a happy birthday and those who celebrated with me ! Love you guys loads ! :D <3 Gotta go now . Bye peeps !

Sandra aka Rabbit ^^ :D

Friday, July 23, 2010 , 7:35 AM
Suju showcase pics

JiaQi these are the pics you requested for . I chose the better ones . but still too small . sorry >< anyways th ones below are th shirts i bought at bugis yesterday ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 , 2:50 AM
Suju wif JQ

6 june went for Suju showcase wif JiaQi , so much fun ^^ but some people are just so pushy ...not to mention th size . LOL . But managed to see them . Heechul kept coming to our side ! So happy ! Hahs :D shouted till sore throat . came back aft showcase aunt could not hear my voice much . LOL . took pics . Had a great day wif JQ !

Friday 11/6/2010 :

Went to get Guide uni . Went wif weiling . Than rushed home to watch Music Bank weiling oso came . Suju sang Bonamana ! I screamed when i saw them . LOL Ling was shocked >< Sorry ! enjoyed Music Bank with her . She went home .

Sunday 13/6/2010 :
Went for Sheng Siong show wif JQ and LWL , but actually was looking at Suju pics all th way LOL . Waste of my time . Could haf finished up my homework and packed my bag for camp uh... :x Nbm ^^ ate mac aft that . Slept at 2am ^^ 2am=jo kwon ! Woohooo 2am coming ! happy ! :D

Today 14/6/2010 :
Going to do homework . Still looking for my notes . Ugh ! Cannot seem to find my notes for brochure ! omg . Ahh ! where are my notes ! *dig through everything* Ahh ! this is soooo bad ! going do my homework now ! Byes ! <3 suju !

Monday, June 14, 2010 , 12:13 AM